Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Pet Peeves Speech Bad and Good Drivers, Highways, Roads - 275 Words

Pet Peeves Speech: Bad and Good Drivers, Highways, Roads (Speech Presentation Sample) Content: Pet Peeves SpeechMy pet peeves are people who drive faster or slower than me. Do you ever get irritated by drivers speeding past you disregarding the stipulated speed limits? I often experience this not only on highways but also roads that are less busy. Even though I dislike over speeding, those I find more irritating are the drivers who go slower than the stipulated limits and blocking the way for everyone.Would you say these are bad or good drivers? I think what defines a good or bad driver is not how slow or fast one goes. A driver's capability on the wheels and their awareness while on the road is what define him/her. Come to think of police officers. I used to get irritated when I saw many of them driving recklessly past me. Nowadays I understand why they do this. Most of these guys probably spend more than 36 hours or more a week driving. They are familiar with every cranny and nook of the road and have all the details of traffic and when the lights change. Aft er spending more than a year commuting, my driving style began to change.If I am to make a choice, the day before a holiday, I'd prefer driving during rush hours when the regulars drive, than after the rush hours with the non-regulars. During rush hours, drivers know where they are going. They have the confidence that's needed on the road and know exactly what to do. Non-regulars sometimes neither know where they are goin...

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